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'La Masa'

2021 Cannes Film Awards - Official Selection


2021 The South Film and Arts Academy Festival

Best Short made in Quarantine - WINNER

Young Director Honourable Mention 

Lead Actress Honourable Mention - Maite Jauregui 

Supporting Actress Honourable Mention - Elena Sáenz 

2021 Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival - Official Selection



Best Foreign Film - WINNER

Best Screenwriting - WINNER

London Lift-Off Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection

2020 Indie Short Fest LA

Best Women Short - Finalist 

Best Acting Duo - Finalist

Best Supporting Actress - Finalist


Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival - Official Selection


The SFAAF - South Film and Arts Academy Festival - Official Selection



In 'La Masa’ winter is long overrun. We all know what it feels like to be out-of-step with oneself, to watch someone unmistakably out of rhythm. This short digs deep into the weights of life and how our protagonist Ana carries them, her environment crushing even further her sense of self. This heaviness, seeps onto Sara, her confidant and free-spirited sister, and as spring approaches, the sunlight is starting to push through the bleakness. It is time for Ana to wake up and love herself again.

To see the film please drop me an email for a private link. 

Executive Producer Cecilia Cordeiro

Serendipity Pictures


Associate Producers Maite Jáuregui & Paula Rodríguez


Writer Maite Jáuregui

Director Ella May Kirby


Producer Joshua Gan & Sarah Vaughan 

Production Assistant Siân Troote


Director of Photography Carmen Pellon 

Camera Assistants George Phull (flat) &

Edward Vijay (beach)


Gaffer Marina Lewin

Spark Andrea Sarcinelli


Art Director Bianca Trombi 


Sound Op Charlie Hindie 

Sound Designer Guldem Masa

Dialogue Editor Carlos San Juan

Music By Olivia Duque

Guitar By Maria Camahort


Editors Savannah Gladstone, Ella May Kirby & Sarah Vaughan


Colourist Philip Morozov


Location Julien Baudoux & Alix Murat


Special Thanks

Cecilia Cordeiro

Bryan Lim


Reelistic Lighting

Focus 24

Kate Klevit 

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