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Music video collaboration for Barcelona based musician RØ (Roger Abella). 

Featured here on Girls In Film for it's premiere.

"England born, Catalonian raised filmmaker, Ella Kirby designed the music video Canvas so that it would delve deep into the positive outcomes that can come from showing male sensitivity. Initially Kirby wrote a story and script called Casus Belli - Casus Belli a Latin phrase meaning A reason to go to war. And true enough, Canvas depicts a story which navigates the bonds of male friendship through times of trauma."

Performances by Marc Cañadell, Bachir Samb and Ariadna Abella

Directed by Ella Kirby 
Produced by Claudia Grosche and Maria Burgués 
Production Coordinated by Joe Kirby 
Production Assisted by Alícia Miquel 
Art Directed by Afra Zamara 
Edited by Taylor Fawcett

Cinematography by Bryan Lim 

1st AC Cadhla Kennedy 
2nd AC Carmen Pellon 
Sound recorded by Ronen Geva 
Coloured by Jax Harney at CHEAT

Special thanks
OB Management
Sam Holmes 
Craig Bingham 
Olivia Jessop at CHEAT 
Girls in Film 
Imma Perez and Family 
Monica Rodríguez 
Mother’s Garden 
Napalm Rentals

Stills and bts photographs by Clàudia Grosche.

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